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I grew up in New York, went to school in Philadelphia, and now build apps on web3 protocols like ENS and Farcaster.


Jun 2024
Subscription Token Protocol indexer

Multi-chain smart contract indexer and realtime dashboard for STP, a subscription protocol.

Mar 2024
Farcaster Frames

A collection of embedded Farcaster apps.

Jan 2024
Dune API Client

A minimal typescript client for interacting with the Dune Analytics API.

Jan 2024
Farcaster Feeds

Easily generate RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds directly from a Farcaster Hub.

Dec 2023

Simple, mobile-first PWA to keep track of todos.

Nov 2023

Commemorative NFT for Ethereum block proposers.

Nov 2023
AI Assistant

One-day build of a personal assistant that I can speak to, and it speaks back.

Oct 2023
Farcaster Gifting Tool

The easiest way to gift a Farcaster account.

Jul 2023

Live voice chats for web3 communities with optional token gating.

Jul 2023
Farcaster Recovery Tool

Easeist way to set a recovery address for your Farcaster account in case you lose the seed phrase.

Jun 2023
Immutable .eth Websites

Lock IPFS content to versioned ENS subnames using the Name Wrapper smart contract.

May 2023
Bridge to Zora

Easy way to bridge ETH from Goerli to Zora's L2 testnet.

May 2023
Noggles Graffiti

Indexer and API to track Ethereum Beacon Chain slots with ⌐◨-◨ graffiti for Nouns proposal #249.

May 2023
ENS Offchain Registrar

Demo of free ENS subdomains via CCIP Read.

May 2023
ENS Anniversary

Celebratory website where users could set up their ENS profile and mint an NFT.

Apr 2023
Nouns List

The easiest way to create allowlists from the Nouns ecosystem based on onchain actions.

Apr 2023
Nounish Data

Open-source smart contract indexer / API that serves onchain data from Nouns-inspired DAOs.

Mar 2023
ENS Adoption Dashboard

Explore the adoption of ENS records within DAOs on Snapshot.

Mar 2023
The BitSignal

Track the price of Bitcoin to $1M, inspired by Balaji Srinivasan's tweet.

Feb 2023
ENS Registration Widget

A small, configurable React component for registering ENS names.

Nov 2022
Mint Your PFP

Easily mint any picture as an NFT to a shared contract on Ethereum.

Oct 2022
ETH Back

The easiest way for DAOs to reimburse their contributors for gas fees on voting and delegating.

Sep 2022

Create an allowlist of Ethereum addresses from a Farcaster account's followers.

Sep 2022
ENS Grants Platform

A Snapshot-based voting app intended to make grant distribution more efficient for ENS DAO working groups. I didn't create the initial platform, but have been working on it since the second round.

Sep 2022
Farcaster Network

Farcaster protocol analytics at a glance, including graphs with trends over time.

Aug 2022
lilnouns.eth Subdomains

The easiest way for holders of Lil Nouns NFTs to register a subdomain of lilnouns.eth.

Jul 2022
ENS Fairy

The easiest way to gift an ENS name.

Jul 2022
ENS Fees

A Dune Analytics dashboard to see how much ETH a wallet has spent on ENS.

Jun 2022
ETH Toolkit

All-in-one tool designed to simplify your Ethereum toolkit by bringing multiple resources into one.

Jun 2022

Search website and API for all content on Farcaster, a decentralized social media protocol. Also a Raycast extension.

May 2022
ENS Records API

Open-source API to fetch common text records from any ENS name for easier integration.

Apr 2022
IPFS Website Generator

Easily generate a website and upload it to decentralized storage, then attach it to an ENS name.

Jan 2022
Gwei Fund Me

Easy way to send ETH to a wallet address or ENS name and see a history of transactions using on-chain data.

Dec 2021
ETH Leaderboard

List of 100,000+ Twitter accounts with a .eth name to track the adoption of ENS. Referred to as "the most important website of 2022 in all of crypto".

Dec 2021
NFT Prints

Token-gated microsite where owners of a Bull Market Girlfriends NFT were able to connect their wallet and claim a high-end print for free.

Dec 2021
USD to ETH Extension

Chrome extension that converts USD price tags on any website to ETH so it feels like you're spending less money.

Nov 2021
Real Time Twitter Banner

Twitter banner that updates every minute with the live price of ETH and gas.

Nov 2021
ConstitutionDAO Website

Proposed website (didn't get used) for a DAO that raised $40M+ in under a week to try and buy the constitution.

Nov 2021
Sh*tcoin Monitor

Web scraper that sends new token listings from CoinMarketCap to a Discord server.

Sep 2021
ETH Gas Alerts

A suite of tools that helps people save significant money on Ethereum transaction fees. Includes gas price predictions, transaction fee estimates, and low gas alerts.

Aug 2021
NFT Computer Background

Automatically make your computer background a slideshow of your NFTs.

Apr 2021
Make Quotes

Web app that makes it as easy as possible to create square graphics with plain text, perfect for sharing on social media.

Apr 2021
Dogecoin Twitter Bot

Cryptocurrency trading bot that automatically purchases Dogecoin immediately after Elon Musk tweets about it, then sells a few minutes later.

Apr 2021

Non-Fungible Thoughts & Prayers turns politicians' empty apoligies after mass-shootings into real action using NFTs.


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